About Me

Little Nita Welcome to Life in Miles, an ongoing journal of my adventures as a constant traveler and occasional marathoner — a girl in perpetual motion.

I’ve always been obsessed with miles, even from my earliest days. But recently — with two key events — my obsession simultaneously became a daily target, bucket list goal, and lifetime achievement.

First, I finished the NYC Marathon, clocking about 400 miles in training. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard for anything in my life, and for five months every single day had a mileage requirement attached to it. Then, I fulfilled what I long considered to be my life’s work — I reached 2,000,000 miles on American Airlines and earned Platinum status for life.

As these two milestones coincided within months of each other, it dawned on me that I live my life in miles. If I’m not counting mileage today, I’m definitely planning for when I will, whether it’s in the form of a trip or a race.

Other information you might be interested in: I was raised in New York City and Austin, Texas. I’ve also lived in Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Rome. Professionally, I’m a freelance executive producer, copywriter, and brand strategist. I love meeting new people, solving puzzles, the Container Store, Istanbul, cheap beer, expensive cocktails, Love in the Time of Cholera, Mexican food, and 80’s music. I’m currently living (and running) around the world. My name is Anita, and I was born on the Fourth of July.

Thanks for being here!