All of my life I’ve been a dog person. I’ve had dogs. I love dogs. It never actually occurred to me to like cats. They always seemed so aloof, but maybe I didn’t take the time to know them. Also, the litter box.

So it’s come as a complete surprise that Thailand has turned me into a shocking mix of Cat Lady meets Dr. Dolittle.

This family of three here has taken up residence at my bungalow and, without fail, they follow me wherever I go… inside, outside… and they’re usually yelling at me about something (if only I knew what). There’s a second kitten who belongs to this group, but she shacks up somewhere else. Family drama, I guess.

What’s even more surprising than these cats choosing me as their host is that (and I can’t even believe I’m about to say this)… I’ve come to love them. I look forward to seeing them spring to life as soon as I draw the curtains open in morning. I love seeing how happy they are when I give them some milk. They’re ridiculous. And adorable. And for the rest of the month, or until they move on, they’re mine.

Cat Lady, c’est moi.