As if Koh Pha Ngan isn’t beautiful enough, Jessica D. and I took a quick weekender to nearby Koh Tao to find more beauty and possibly go diving. Unfortunately, diving proved to be a non-starter for me (it’s true, I’ve never jumped into a pool in my life, and I wasn’t ready to start now so I couldn’t even get past the pre-lesson). Our time here was liberating in other ways though.

We stayed in a gorgeous villa, and a little posh life did us good (Koh Tao Heights). We ate wonderful food (at Cafe Culture on the beach and La Pizzeria for a meal Italians would be proud of). We spent time on tiny boats (take your pick), got caught in an epic monsoon (try to avoid this), and snorkeled amongst a dazzling underwater world (don’t miss Koh Nang Yuan, a quick water taxi away). Three days here was seriously not enough.