Among a small strip of stores and espresso bars on a quiet street in Siem Reap is the effortlessly delightful Trunkh — Cambodia’s first concept store. Beautifully curated with custom fabrics, pillow cases, tee shirts, tea towels and totes, as well as locally found treasures and jewelry, this store is a true gem with locations both here and in Phnom Penh.

They describe themselves like this: “We celebrate and elevate ordinary objects and daily traditions of Cambodian rural, home and street life through a unique and eclectic collection of fashion, homewares, furniture and ephemera that we design and collect.” It’s perfect.

We spent a lovely morning here as my friend shopped for gifts to take home to New York, and as I tried desperately to show some restraint (truth be told: I didn’t need another tote, but I could not help myself).

Not only is the store itself wonderful, but we had the chance to chat with one of the creative partners, Doug, and he is an absolute joy. Originally from California, but now a long-term expat in Cambodia, Doug has wonderful stories about hunting for treasures throughout the countryside. I loved his passion for it.

Trunkh ships, so be sure to check out their link below. Once I have a home again, I will definitely be doing some decorating from here. Of course, I might just come shop in person — I’ve only been gone a few months, but I already feel Cambodia calling me back.

trunkh. 11A Hap Guan St, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia